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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Unnecessary parody

Does Maureen Down think she's writing for the Onion?! Her article of today (which, unfortunately, is behind a TimesSelect wall of registration and money, which I get because I subscribe to the paper version, and which you can if you do, too, or if you pay the fee to get the online content) is UTTERLY FUCKING RIDICULOUS.

Let's go through it bit by bit, shall we?

Her opening line:
W. was the best Harry ever had.
is just insulting. First, it takes the liberty of assigning a Bush-style nickname to the supreme court nominee Harriet Miers. Maybe this is a nickname she already has, but, AFAIK, it hasn't come out in the press yet. It's therefore just parody -- not lampooning based on fact -- to make one up one's self. Also, the line is sexual in its overtones, which is also insulting and completely unsubstantiated.

Next, she prints the text of one belated birthday card that Miers sent to Bush in 1997. Sure, Miers can't punctuate (which is, in itself, excoriable in a supreme court nominee):
"You are the best Governor ever - deserving of great respect!"
Eh. Sure, dumb card. But were those ten words sufficient to mock for the next several hundred?

Really. I'm considering registering and just ripping her apart every week. Not like I don't anyhow ... Hmm ...