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Monday, August 29, 2005


The Flying Spaghetti Monster has finally made the big time. This image is just too good to not re-post:

Flying Spaghetti Monster breathes life into Man

I first heard about this maybe a year ago (6 months? Something small), but apparently now, the FSM (not to be confused with Finite State Machine) is endoresd by many educators, and is bringing a lawsuit against the Kansas Board of Education.

Hurrah for parody! And hurrah for snarky, anti-ridiculism parodies picked up by the NYT.

Grammar warms my heart

There may be many things I don't like about Roberts as a Supreme Court nominee. But I can't help it that his apparent tendency as a grammarian who sent back briefs that had sound legal arguments but stylistic holes warms the cockles of my shoulda-been-a-journalist-or-at-least-a-copy-editor heart. :)